Relationships with local communities are critical to our operations sustainability. We are committed to ensuring sustainability and contributing “Do by Heart” to social values in the communities where we operate through social, environmental, economic benefits and long-term partnerships through our business and engagement.

"Do by heart”, Core of Community Development

We are always committed to providing our stakeholders – especially the community around our concession areas – with the value of our existence. We conduct Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) as an implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this context, we refer to the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 1824K/30/MEM/2018 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Community Development and Empowerment.

Basing on this regulation, we develop 8 pillars, namely: Education, Health, Real Income and Employment, Economic Self-Reliance, Social Culture, Environment, Local Institutions, and Infrastructure. The eight pillars are composed as best as possible into programs that are interrelated and sustainable one another. This is part of our efforts to help the community become independent and sustainable, even when we are no longer in operations.

By aligning all stakeholder expectations, we would like to achieve the goal of "Go together, grow together and sustainability for life" along with our stakeholders. Therefore, the concept of "do by heart" is the core of the entire implementation of the Community Development program in an effort to make the community a sustainable community.

How we respect indigenous community

In carrying out its operational activities, ITM always respects cultural values and the principles of local wisdom, including improving the quality of indigenous people's resources, both in terms of education and preservation of customs and culture. The existence of indigenous peoples is a priority for the company, one of which is the Dayak tribe, which is an indigenous people in Kalimantan. The operating area of the subsidiary adjacent to the indigenous community is Trubaindo Coal Mining.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 Dayak residents in Dilang Puti Village, Bentian Besar District, West Kutai Regency. One of the manifestations of ITM's commitment to maintaining the existence and culture of the indigenous people is through the Lamin Bentian Besar Traditional House Development. The Lamin House will function as a center for the preservation of Dayak Bentian culture and a tourist destination in West Kutai.

Community involvement in the development & empowerment program planning agenda

In implementing community development and empowerment, we engage the community through the Community Consultative Committee (CCC). CCC is formed in every ITM assisted village where its function is to act as a bridge in consultation between the community and the company.

We also carry out social mapping to identify the needs of the surrounding community in terms of economy, infrastructure, social and environment. We also identify strategic issues and related stakeholders as well as a social risk assessment. Furthermore, the results of the mapping and assessment will be the basis for the development of the master plan for the community development program as outlined in the annual agenda. For long-term community development program planning, ITM uses THIS (Thematic-Holistic-Integrative-Spatial) approach. Through this approach, the long-term community development program will refer to regional development at the provincial and district levels.

Our way in development and empowerment programs

In developing and empowering the community, we continue to increase the capacity of our personnel. We also standardize business processes and documentation systems as well as provide manuals, standards, and instructions for implementing community development and empowerment programs within the ITM Group.

We always ensure that community development and empowerment programs can have a significant and measurable impact through monitoring and evaluation using various assessment methods.

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