The relationship to the shareholder is not only company ownership, but also as a sign of trust of what we deeply value which will energize us to do more, to do better, now and in the future.


Gain shareholder value supported by strong company financials

Through ups and downs, we have shown our capacity to maintain the robust financial performance and position. Our prudent financial resource management has enabled us to balance the money reinvested for the growth of the company while proving our dividend commitment. We never miss to distribute the dividend each year since our public offering.

Embrace the strategic transformation to capture the future energy opportunities

We are excited to be a part of modern energy sector. Empowered by our company’s core values and to grasp more future opportunities, we have formulated transformation plan that include other energy product such as renewable energy, related to mining industry such as trading, digital product, and port business, and expanding to other prospective commodities.

Discover 35+ years of mining experience managing integrated logistics facilities

Experienced management and teams are not built in a single night. As we continue to deliver the mining product, we have accumulated dependable experience to achieve operational excellence. Our operations have been always reinforced by the integrated logistic facilities, such as hauling road, port, crushing facility and many more.

Be a part of our journey in providing wide range of coal products

Having access to the medium to high calorific value coal give us more edge to serve what our customer needs. Supported by strong customer-oriented service, we have maintained lasting relationship with many loyal customers while also allowed us to penetrate new markets.

Engage in upholding sound corporate governance in all aspects of operations and business activities

Corporate governance is about making us conducting business better with more managed risk as we abide by the regulations. Our strategy, action plans, and daily operations are executed following a certain set of rules in order to maintain trust and respect among stakeholders.

Be involved in the consistent effort to promote sustainability and commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ITM sustainability initiatives are reflected through company's social responsibility and community development programs, leadership in health and safety and environmental compliance, as well as implementation of good corporate governance. We believe that we could take a part as the solution and strive to enhance our sustainability efforts.