Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing system is important for the Company to increase and sustain ethical conformance of employee. It is part of internal control environment especially in reducing the risk of frauds and legal incompliance.

The Company has in place an independent and trustworthy Whistleblowing system equipped with the policy rooted to the Company’s core values in accordance with the Good Corporate Governance principles and practices.

The Whistleblowing Policy and system was established to enable employees and other stakeholders to speak out on any ethical and legal violations or indication of violation that they are aware of to an internal authority so that action can be taken immediately to resolve the problem.

The Whistleblowing Policy applies to all employees in ITM Group including Commissioners and Directors.

Reasonable protection for the whistleblower with good intention is provided, in particular to confidentiality of the reporter's identity and the information being reported, protection against possible retaliation, and work security.

Facility to accommodate the policy named as IWBC (Independent Whistle Blower Center) and assessable at www.iwbcitmg.com.

Whistleblowing System Reporting Process

Wbs reporting process