Serving Dynamic Energy Needs

We are an Indonesian energy company at the heart of innovations, technology, inclusion, and sustainability.

Our Way to be One of Leading Energy Companies in Indonesia

We are embracing a new chapter, as we transform into an energy company that provides greener, smarter products. We are a part of a solution that brings sustainability to the company, communities, and ultimately to the world we all live in.
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Our History

Our organization has rapidly changed over time, adjusting to the dynamics of the market and any business opportunities that arise.

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ITM was established in 1987


Around 2500 employees work at ITM


ITM operates 8 mines concessions

ITM in brief

PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM) is an Indonesian energy company with more than decades of experience. We focus on optimizing returns from the coal value chain and continue to diversify in the energy sector, such as renewable business. 

People played a significant role in our business. We believe that the key to operational excellence lies in the work culture, mindset, and behavior of our employees toward the digital world. 

In line with our vision, not only we adhere to the principles of environmental, social, and good governance when running the business, but also have gone beyond compliance in the execution.

Our Way in Preserving the Environment

We are aware that environmental preservation is necessary for the sustainability of the planet. We take care of the environment carefully from the pre-mining stage to the post-mining stage.

Our Way in Empowering Communities and Enhance Livelihood

We believe that our business can achieve its goals only when our growth can move people towards a better quality of life. So, we enhance local people in terms of capital, education skill, infrastructure, and culture.

Our Way in Ensuring a Well Governed Company

We are administered with a robust operations and business process referring to the general principles of GCG, namely transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness.

Towards a Digitalized Company

The fourth industrial revolution encourages us to digitalize the organization, in terms of culture, business processes, and technology implementation. These three things (people, business, technology) are the pillars of the digital transformation that ITM is currently undertaking.
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Towards a Digitalized Company