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We are passionate about ensuring a great and satisfying experience for everyone working with us. An integrating talent management processes throughout employee’s career journey is driven by navigation to future business and workforce strategic directions and priorities. Company proactively addresses expectation across employee segments and evolves with changes in the business and operating environment.
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We are ITM Family, together hand in hand realizing our purpose driven by our people to become Indonesian versatile energy company that empowers sustainable development.

ITM hold our people in highest esteem and provide fair opportunity to grow their ability, aspiration and engagement regardless gender, race, ethnic, religion, age, cultural background, and disability.

Our Way in Upholding Corporate Values: Banpu Heart

We believe our values can lead the people to be passionate, embrace innovation, and show commitment to their work.

Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment and Innovation Culture

With the engagement of employees across various perspective and different backgrounds, the culture of innovation among ITM people becomes enriched and emboldened. This inspires us to do our job better every day, giving encouragement and recognition to anyone demonstrating continuous improvement and innovation.

Recognizing the Importance of Individual Potential

We encourage everyone to develop their potential as we believe each person possesses strengths that, when nurtured, lead to personal growth and promotes motivation, fulfillment, and innovation, benefiting both the individuals and the company. Through our professional talent management system, we are strengthening the expertise of each ITM people.

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