We want to be a company that attract, develop and retain our engaged employees. We believe the best way to do so is by investing in our people throughout their careers, cultivating their talent, and by offering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our goals in developing our people have been crystalized in human resource development strategy which we have conducted and evaluated regularly.

Our Way through Strong Corporate Culture 

ITM actively internalizes the Banpu Heart values, including the implementation of the Banpu Heart core values from management to staff levels, continuous communication about Banpu Heart, implementation of Banpu Heart Change Leader, and training related to Banpu Heart. ITM regularly conducts employee engagement surveys and the 'Banpu Heart' survey to find out employees' strong commitment to work, company goals, and company values, which is conducted annually and conducted simultaneously in all Banpu countries, including ITM and its subsidiaries

Putting full effort on giving the best for our people

Our people are our greatest strength and asset. By optimizing the best potential of our employees, we believe that we can make this company better in providing satisfaction for all stakeholders. The Company strives to create safe, healthy working conditions and a balanced life between the world of work and family by ensuring adequate rest, recreation period, and reasonable working hours, maternity leave, as well as regular holidays and paid leave.

ITM provides medical benefits for employees and their families. All of these facilities are provided by ITM so that the rights of employees at work are fulfilled in all aspects. ITM also adopts higher standards than applicable regulations in terms of minimum wages, career, leave, severance pay, pensions, and many moe.

Commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

ITM is committed to providing equal opportunities for every individual to work as an employee and providing equal opportunities to develop a career in the Company regardless of ethnicity, race, and religion. Although in terms of gender composition, ITM workers are dominated by men because of the type of ITM's business activities in mining, but fundamentally ITM supports equality and encourages the involvement of women workers in various forums and fair career opportunity to strengthen their role in the energy and mining sector.

Work-life balance

ITM believes that a balanced life drives employee productivity, which is the main energy for the Company's growth. Therefore, ITM strives to create a balanced work culture between responsibility and mental health of employees.

Various programs that improve employee life balance have also become ITM's routines, such as sports activities and the formation of hobby groups. Internal interaction spaces such as sharing sessions and employee gatherings that create an organic support system are also continuously carried out.

Adequate talent development and training

Self-development is one of the keys to the sustainability of the Company. Therefore, the Company has made related competencies necessary for the employees at every level according to their roles in the organization. This is the basis for providing training for employees. The company also provides equal opportunities to develop themselves and get promotions based on interests, experiences and competencies.

Employee retention, turnover and retirement

ITM always provides the best for employees in order to optimize their potential. The remuneration, compensation and benefits policies are also reviewed regularly to ensure they are in compliance with regulations and the market.

In essence, we believe that employees will drive productivity and increase their capacity optimally which supports the achievement of working goals to achieve common goals.

Local employment

Local employment

The absorption of local communities is one of our concerns. More than that, we encourage each partner to be able to absorb the local community as employees.

Labor relationship and freedom of association

ITM acknowledges the existence of Labor Unions established by employees. Management and Labor Unions hold regular meetings to improve worker productivity and welfare as well as mediate labor disputes between employees and management, if any.

Labor unions are also a forum for seeking protection and support, legal assistance and consultation on labor regulations, joint mediation, and advocacy for workers' voices.