We prioritize Health and Safety in order to create a safe, comfortable, and accident-free working environment so that business activities can run smoothly as well as protect the health of people surrounding us.

Well-established strategy to ensure health and safety

We implement a 3-pillar strategy to ensure the OHS culture in our company can be formed and achieve the expected performance targets, namely Organizational and System Pillar, People and Competence Pillar, and Behavior Pillar.

Risk-based system which is evaluated periodically

The mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3L) is to realize zero accidents so that lost working days can be avoided, zero recurrence of accidents, zero infringement of requirements and compliance with OHS & Operational Safety standards, preventing health issues and zero occupational illness, as well as meeting the safety aspects of mining operations in terms of facilities, infrastructure, installations, and equipment.

In order to achieve our goals above, risks to business operations related to this policy are identified and analyzed on a regular basis. Then we execute all the recommendations and solutions resulting from the analysis. Hazard identification and risk assessment procedures are carried out through systematic and structured steps, namely hazard identification, risk assessment and determination of control measures based on the data that has been collected.

The processes in the organization and system are ensured to be carried out properly and correctly in accordance with existing regulations and reference standards and are regularly checked by internal and external auditors. These audit findings form the basis for us to make improvements in program implementation.

Active participation of employees in OHS

Employees have an important role in the implementation of OHS. Therefore, the Company always encourages employees to actively participate through the self-reporting process, safety talk activities, toolbox meetings and training for all employees. One of the means is the go-safe application, which is an application that can be accessed by all employees to be able to report unsafe actions, unsafe conditions or dangerous events that are directly connected to the team for quick follow-up action.

Active participation of employees in OHS

Contractor Management System

In this regard, we also ensure that the contractors to be employed implement the Occupational Safety and Health Management System properly and correctly in accordance with the standards set by the Company. One of the efforts to ensure this is the implementation of the Contractor Management System – Health Safety and Environment (CMS-HSE). Contractor evaluation and assessment through CMS-HSE is carried out in collaboration between functions on a regular basis as an annual evaluation for contractors.

Adhering to well-recognized standards

Adhering to well-recognized standards

ITM ensures that each program refers to applicable standards such as OHSAS 18001: 2007 as well as the Mineral and Coal Mining Safety Management System (SMKP Minerba)

Our Response to Emergency Situations

Ensuring that every operational activity runs smoothly is a necessity for us, including in mitigating emergency situations. To manage this, ITM has prepared a tiered structure starting from the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Emergency Management Team (EMT) located in each operational area, to the Incident Management Team led by the Director of the Company. The Emergency Management Team is tasked with coordinating and managing all company resources to mitigate, respond to emergencies and monitor recovery implementation.

Our Way in Promoting Public Health

As part of the community, we always strive to ensure positive contributions, including in efforts to improve the quality of public health. Some of the activities carried out include strengthening health facilities with priority around us operating such as hospitals, health centers (puskemas and posyandu) with adequate health equipment, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, counseling and health checks are also carried out for the people around our operations.