Business Overview

Renewable and Others

New and Renewable Energy (NRE) is a rapidly growing business sector, especially in Indonesia whose NRE potential is abundant. Therefore, we endeavor to seize such an opportunity. Currently, ITM has penetrated solar energy and is exploring hydroelectricity and does not rule out opportunities to enter other forms of renewable energy. Our subsidiaries engaged in the renewable energy business are PT ITM Bhinneka Power (IBP) and PT Cahaya Power Indonesia (CPI).

Solar Power Plant

We entered the renewable energy sector given the fact that it is unlimited and clean. In addition to potentially being used anywhere, it does not produce emissions and greenhouse gases that trigger climate change, which in turn threatens to damage the earth. The cost of this energy in terms of sustainability is getting more competitive and tends to fall in the long run.

There are many types of renewable energy, including wind energy, solar energy, biomass and biogas energy, and hydroelectric energy. Currently, we have penetrated solar energy and are exploring hydroelectricity, and this does not rule out the possibility of entering into other forms of renewable energy generation.

Solar Rooftop

One of the primary ways we implement solar energy is through the installation of solar rooftops. PT Cahaya Power Indonesia (CPI), our subsidiary, specializes in solar rooftop installations. CPI has the latest technology that can increase the installed capacity within the same area, thus improving the efficiency of installation costs, operations, and maintenance of the installed Solar Power Plants on rooftops. CPI has a long and strong track record as an installer and manager of new renewable energy utilizing the latest technologies in Indonesia.