Sustainability practices in ITM is managed by the Sustainability Development department (SD) which is under sustainability and Risk Management Directorate. Since its formation in 2007, the directorate has had a function that recommend the implementation course of the triple bottom line performance as well as synergizes inter-functional strategies to realize the Company's vision and mission regarding sustainability. 
As for the work program of SD, it covers, among others, what are mentioned below. 

  1. Socialization and communication which are carried out towards all employees by providing introduction and building awareness as well delivered in more detail to all functions regarding SD activities. 
  2. Materiality of Survey. This activity is meant to obtain input or important issues from all our stakeholders so they can be formulated in strategic steps and followed up by the Company, conveyed through a Sustainability Report.
  3. Sustainability Programs are programs or a series of activities which are formulated to be in line with the Company’s strategic, materiality topics from our stakeholders, and the Sustainability Goals which are executed by the whole related functions and business units.
  4. The creation of Sustainability Report contains the Company’s strategy and performance of its completed program or activities which are compiled based on the standard of Global Reporting Initiative and POJK No.51 Year 2017 reference as well as other related standards or references and are in line with the Sustainability Goals.