PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM) is a company that through its subsidiaries engaged in energy sector, including coal mining, mineral mining, logistics and energy services, and new energy sector.

ITM realizes that company's operational activities have potential hazards and risks that can cause disruption to business continuity. Therefore, ITM is committed to manage Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as one of company’s main priorities which supported by the company's vision, mission, and company’s work program to achieve objectives and targets. Top management and all employees, partners, and visitors are committed and actively involved to:

  1. Comply with regulations, company standards, and other requirements related to OHS in all company operations activities.
  2. Maintain and improve employee health and to prevent Occupational Disease.
  3. Create a healthy and safe work environment.
  4. Achieve zero accident resulting in lost workdays.
  5. Implement OHS aspects in all workplaces including operational safety criteria.
  6. Prevent the recurrence of the same accident.
  7. Maintain continuous improvements of OHS performance.

To promote the fulfillment of the above commitments, ITM establishes an ongoing basis framework and work program with goals to maintain and improve OHS performance and to achieve a continually OHS culture, through:

  1. compliance to all OHS laws and regulations, obligations contained in contracts, company standards, including other related OHS requirements;
  2. integration of OHS aspects as important part of all company operations activities;
  3. implementation of health risk assessment and hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control in all company operations activities;
  4. implementation of objectives, targets, and programs and Management responsibilities at all levels;
  5. promotion, communication and participation of all employees, partners, visitors, and all related parties.
  6. provision of necessary and adequate resources, including human people capability that meet the standard competency.
  7. implementation of Quality Assurance Review (QAR) to ensure OHS standard implementation as well as OHS management system integration to ITM management system;
  8. measurable innovation in OHS that inline with company's objective

The policy is available to public and will regularly reviewed into account the operational conditions and business needs of the company.