HSEC Overview

ITM put Health, Safety, Environment, and Community Development (HSEC) as a priority in its overall operations.

HSEC is an integral part of ITM operations. From the perspective of Risk Management, HSEC aspects require mitigation and management that is adequate and comprehensive in order to maintain the business continuity.

Furthermore, in the Sustainable Development approach, HSEC aspects contain the core of environmental, social and governance development which directly affects community development and employee management (people), environmental protection (planet) and business growth (profit).

The implementation of HSEC management standards include the identification, assessment and risk management faced by employees, contractors, operations, environment, and local communities due to mining activities. Therefore, every business unit activity is equipped with HSEC management institution as a support of long-term strategy to achieve company excellence.

HSEC roadmap to achieve the Company's vision of becoming an Indonesian energy company at the heart of innovation, technology, inclusion, and sustainability begins with establishing the foundation in the form of a Management System that manages all aspects of HSEC based on international standards; building the capacity of HSEC human resources and determining long-term strategic initiatives covering all aspects of HSEC, including the implementation of PPM (Community Development Program) by the government.

Each phase of PPM is planned in the integrated planning model and executed following the plan. The execution and its success will be measured according to the criteria and then communicated both internally and externally. In the next level, successful program could be replicated in another location.

Besides that, HSEC program will be adjusted following the needs and priority in each mining stage, starting from pre-construction, construction, production, until post-mining.

The implementation of the strategic HSEC pillars will be monitored periodically and improved continuously; hence it will encourage the performance and strategic goal of Company's HSEC as follow:

  • The absence of fatal, LTI (Lost Time Injury), and work-related illnesses that can cause discontinuation of operations.
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Empowerment and continuity of community welfare