PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM) and its subsidiaries that are engaged in coal related energy business are fully aware that our operational activities have potential impacts on environment. Hence, we are committed to applying a responsible environment approach in each of concession areas.

Therefore we work based on the principles as follows.

  • Preventing, minimizing, and managing environmental impact.
  • Complying with existing legal environmental regulations.
  • Striving for sustainable environmental conservation

Adhering to aforementioned principles, we are going to perform a series of action as follows.

1.       Preventing, minimizing, and managing environmental impact.

1.1 We identify all aspects of our operational activities and their changes as well as conduct environmental assessment of these activities and take preventive measures to avoid pollution.

1.2 We define objective and target of environmental quality improvement from time to time.

2.       Complying with existing legal environmental regulations

2.1   We fully comply with all existing rules and legal environmental regulations as well as company standards. We also always follow the updates and prepared to deal with any possible change.

3.       Striving for sustainable environmental conservation by performing a series of actions as follows.

3.1   Consuming energy effectively and efficiently.

3.2   Reducing hazardous waste and reuse it.

3.3   Implementing the principles of “reduce, reuse and recycle” in waste management.

3.4   Decreasing air pollutants.

3.5   Conserving water.

3.6   Preserving and conserving biodiversity.

3.7   Applying good mining practices.


To implement the policy, ITM and its subsidiaries make requirements as follows:

  1. The management shall provide competent, qualified manpower as well as adequate financial and infrastructure support.
  2. In executing this policy, the management at all levels shall hold accountability and responsibility based on their respective leadership functions.
  3. Every employee shall comprehend and apply this policy
  4. Every employees shall be engaged in communicating the policy to interested parties such as business partners, suppliers, contractors, subcontractor, customers, stakeholders, and communities.

The policy will be regularly reviewed by considering the operational conditions and the company’s business needs.


Signed by President Director of PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk on 21 October 2013