PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM) is a company that through its subsidiaries engaged in energy sector, including coal mining, mineral mining, logistics and energy services, and new energy sector.

ITM realizes that the company's operational activities have environmental aspects and impacts that can cause disruption to business continuity. Therefore, ITM is committed to manage sustainable environmental management as one of company's main priorities, which supported by company's mission, vision and company's work to achieve objectives and target.

Top management and all employees, partners and visitors are committed and be actively involved to:

  1. Comply with regulations, company standards and other requirements related to environment in all company operations, as well as keep up with developments and update changes that occur
  2. Establish strategic steps in managing environment
  3. Make efforts to prevent environmental pollution
  4. Minimize and manage impact on the environment
  5. Implement responsible environmental approach and strive for environmental preservation and sustainable conservation of natural resources.

To promote the fulfillment of above commitments, ITM establishes an ongoing basis framework and work program with goals to maintain and improve environmental performance, through:

  1. complying with all environmental laws and regulations, obligations contained in contracts, company standards, including other related environmental requirements;
  2. implementing goals, objectives, programs and responsibilities as well as accountabilities at all levels;
  3. providing necessary resources;
  4. efficient energy use, reducing energy consumption through conservation initiatives, and utilizing renewable energy;
  5. reducing the amount of hazardous waste through reducing the use of hazardous materials, implementing the use of environmentally friendly materials, and utilizing hazardous waste;
  6. implementing waste management principles through reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery (4R);
  7. reducing emission load and greenhouse gases;
  8. implementing water efficiency through water reclamation, water recycling, water utilization, and improving performance of water supply system;
  9. protecting biodiversity through reclamation, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation;
  10. employee participation in communicating policies to all interested parties, namely visitors, customers and service providers;
  11. implementation of Quality Assurance Review (QAR) to ensure environment standard is implemented, as well as environment management system integration to ITM management system;
  12. innovations in managing and utilizing renewable and non-renewable resources.

This policy is available to public and will regularly reviewed into account the operational conditions and business needs of the company.