In the area of community development, ITM has a vision to become a company that is committed to empowering communities through partnership, cooperation in the ongoing initiative to empower communities towards self-reliance.

The following are mission of the community development:

  • highlighting the importance of community empowerment programs that create jobs for people in education, economics, and health.
  • utilize existing sources of raw materials in the area accompanied by efforts to increase the added value of such products.
  • make infrastructure projects and long-term quality
  • prepare and implement community development programs related to mine closure plan early and systematic.
  • conduct program monitoring and follow up systematically for each type of project that involves a third party
  • gaining recognition in both domestic and international standardization internasional.

ITM community development policy inspired by the ethos of Banpu Spirit, namely innovation (creating and developing the self), integrity (commitment to the community), care (support irrespective of differences), and synergy (cooperative partnerships between communities, local governments and company).

ITM community development program is a manifestation of the work ethic that goes beyond compliance.

Aspirations of the community-based, ITM seeks to make effective community empowerment program. First of all communities in social mapping guided village that was then used as the basis of identification by the Community Consultative Committee (CCC) for the design and realization of community development programs. CCC is in every foster village built and consists of local community representatives, corporate representatives, and representatives of local government. Below is illustration of the implementation pattern of ITM community development activities.

ITM empowerment program consists of five major program areas, namely economic development, educational development, health development, social, and cultural development, and environmental development. One embodiment of such empowerment programs is the implementation of various infrastructure projects.

All of these activities is the responsibility of ITM to the surrounding community as well as participation in preparing the community towards sustainability.