ITM’s final goal for this program is obtaining a model which has been tested from biodiversity-based mining reclamation procedure and can be duplicated in other mining areas.

This framework was conceptualized based on the experience of ITM’s practitioners of managing mines, which in turn came to a conclusion that a practical and scientifically-tested effort is important to realize a mining reclamation mining method that is suitable with the ex-mine land condition, having a high sustainable level, and still fulfill the regulator’s requirements for mining shutdown activity.

Therefore, after eight years, ITM has been able to develop and use native plants as a pioneer for the re-vegetation process of ex-mining land. This process was done at BEK’s mining area in North Barito. At IMM’s mining area in East Kutai, the native plants were introduced as an insertion between other growing re-vegetation plants.

The use of the native plants will result in high biodiversity on the re-vegetated land. The long life of trees will guarantee the existence of forest in the long term, and thus it will sustain the life of the forest ecosystem.