Participation of the local community in biodiversity program is a very strategic point. People are encouraged to be engaged in the conservation efforts and to be associated with the company’s working program so that they can get the benefits from the program, directly and indirectly.

Moreover, limited life of mining area will encourage the community to equip themselves with the correct way of thinking about forest existence and forest utilization. This is important for them to anticipate the mine closure.

At the beginning, BEK and IMM have trained the youths on how to cultivate native plants, to take care of orchids, and on plant conservation.

Community involvement in this program is important because it will give them long-term benefits at the end as they will still have the access to the natural resources once the company closes its operation. In term of business, the sustainability of the company’s business can also take place because it is supported by the existence of people who have awareness and adequate life opportunities.