Biodiversity Conservation Activities are based on the idea that the existence of plant species in the forest is very important for the sustainability of human life and the surrounding ecosystem.

Therefore, plants in pre-mining forest as far as possible must be saved and conserved and returned to their habitat during the post-mining period. This is in accordance with the Company's policy which emphasizes the aspect of Sustainability Development in its operational practices.

ITM's Biodiversity Conservation activities are carried out in collaboration with BKT Botanical Gardens Purwodadi – East Java under the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, at two subsidiary mine sites namely PT Bharinto Ekatama (BEK) (since 2009) and PT Indominco Mandiri (IMM) (since 2012).

The ultimate goal of this program is that ITM can implement a biodiversity-based mine reclamation model, which can be duplicated in other mining areas.

The results achieved to date are that ITM has been able to develop and use local species as pioneer plants in the revegetation process of ex-mining land, especially at the BEK mine.