Biodiversity Conservation Activities are based on the idea that the existence of plant species in the forest is very important for the sustainability of human life and the surrounding ecosystem. A single loss in germplasm is also a loss for the world of science.


Therefore, ITM has the principle that plants in pre-mining forests should be saved and conserved as possible and be returned to their habitat during the post-mining period. Conservation is a choice based on scientific consideration. According to C. Marchese, conservation is a step taken to reduce biodiversity loss rate caused by human activities, global climate change, habitat loss and extinction of species. This is in accordance with the Company's policy that emphasizes the aspects of Sustainability Development in its operational practices.

Sustainability is an inevitability that the company must do in line with its commitment that wherever ITM runs its operations, the company will do so while continue to uphold its responsibility for the surrounding society and environment. The company's work culture also provides guidance for all of its employees to have a strong commitment, including implementing Sustainable Development for the sake of the sustainability of humanity.

Furthermore, based on existing rules, the Company's operation is always in line with the regulation set by the Indonesian government. Being a good corporate citizen is part of TTH corporate governance development as obedience is the foundation of sustainability.