01 Feb 2023

IMM Takes Part in Developing SOP for Orangutan Conservation in Concession Areas

There is a potential conflict with orangutans. Therefore standard operational procedures need to be prepared.

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17 Jan 2023

Green PROPER Rating, a Year-End Gift for JBG

Granted a green rating at PROPER 2022 marks the success of JBG and all the employees in maintaining the performance in environmental aspects.

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17 Dec 2022

ITM ERT’s Quick Response to The Call for Humanitarian Aid from Cianjur

ERT team handing over aid in the form of fast food, medicine, emergency tents, and other needs to the ESDM Siaga Bencana Team.

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06 Dec 2022

Present at COP 27 Sharm El-Sheikh, ITM Addressed Its Commitments and Concrete Steps to Support Indonesia's Energy Transition

ITM berkomitemen mendukung kebijakan transisi energi yang dicanangkan Pemerintah.

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11 Nov 2022

CSA Institute and AAEI Named ITM the Best Energy Issuer

This award is an acknowledgment by a credible party for the efforts, hard work, and commitment of the entire ITM family.

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04 Nov 2022

Sowing Mushroom Seeds for Community Self-reliance in the Assisted Villages of PT Kitadin Embalut

For 2025, the Embalut Site CD KTD team targets to form ± 16 oyster mushroom farmer groups from 4 assisted villages.

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