ITM believes that through its human resources, success of the organization can be achieved. People who show high commitment and explore their optimal competencies and reaching the advance level will drive the company to prosperity and success.

ITM human resources system has its upstream from the recruitment process, where we seek for the best candidates with solid work experience and educational background, who appear to appreciate values similar to Corporate Shared Values (Banpu Heart).

With the implementation of Performance Management System (PMS), all staffs are involved to participate in aligning their Individual Target with the Company’s Strategic Objectives. By setting their target using the SMART approach (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic with Time Bound), all staffs, with the guidance from their direct superior will contribute to the Success of the company, and the individual performance are evaluated periodically, twice in a year.

As ITM has its operations in several locations in Indonesia, the human resource administration systems are designed to follow corporate directions, with respect to the needs of local conditions, to ensure reasonable and effective practices in each location.

ITM current structural organization is to optimize an efficient system within ITM group and its subsidiaries. The organization system is intended to reflect conceptual hierarchies and chain of command within ITM Organization Structures.  In essence, Organization System perspective emphasizes the inter-relation/connection between function and activities, while employees are embedded in the organization activities based on their responsibilities.  This system accommodates the implementation of Policies, Standards and Guidelines and the monitoring of employee movement, career development, and other tools which related to the delegation of authority. 

To ensure all the systems can support the need of all Human Resources Activities, ITM put an extra effort to identify, design and develop Human Resources Information System (HRIS), a web based system which enables us to do data recording, analysis, and reporting as well. This is to ensure that Human Resources are able to provide quick and reliable data information and positioning as the Company Strategic Business Partner.

In addition, when are talking about facilities and work schedule, we believe employee need work life integration and balance for their wellbeing so that we manage employee’s work schedule in head office to have flexy time and currently is practicing work from anywhere schedule (hybrid arrangement). For motherhood, we also put high priority when they are in maternity leave and breastfeeding period. We follow government regulation to have paid parental leave for mother and provide breastfeeding room facilities in office so they feel at home and secure.