Human Resources Development is playing critical role in contributing to the success of the company. Taking the role and accountability in increasing people capabilities and producing superior performance, along with the entire available leaders in the company.

Design based on the Competency Model, all development activities are implemented in the form of Formal Workshop (In Class Training), Self Learning (by implementing E-Learning), Sharing Sessions, On the Job Training, and aligned with Performance Management System through coaching from superiors.

Learning and Development Plan is so that each year program in key focus areas to provide in improving managerial skills, operational skills and behavior. For management, the development plan will cover leadership and entrepreneurship, while the development plan for middle management will focus on professional knowledge and people management. Technical knowledge and continuous improvement are emphasized for professional and operational staff.

ITM also has placed its Career Management System, allowing employees to identify their next destination within the company, and the efforts needed, to achieve the destination.

In addition, the Corporate Culture (Banpu Heart) places great importance on our people’s performance and motivation. There are many sources of motivation such as personal drive, creating value for our customers and shareholders or contributing to society. Nevertheless, there is also another source of motivation that of the example set by the leadership of the company’s senior management. Our leadership, from top-down, is expected to provide inspiration and mentoring to any employees, setting an example and a standard to which others should aspire.