The company is aware of the importance of an efficient, effective, transparent and timely procurement management system.

Therefore the company has issued a procurement manual as the standard operating procedure. The procurement management system policy is aligned with the best practices that have been employed in PT Indo Tambangraya Tbk. and its subsidiaries. 

One of the roles of Procurement Department is to plan, to develop, and to ensure the implementation of standard operating procedure being executed with principles of business ethics as follows.

  1. Worth. All procurement transactions must provide the best quality of the products and the services in accord with the objectives of the company’s benefits and utilization with reasonable prices and having specific and suitable product/management plan. 
  2. Transparent. All procurement transactions must be executed openly in every step, allowing fair competitions and possess clear and proven evidences. 
  3. Efficient and effective. All procurement transactions shall be planned in advance to ensure the continuity of the whole process. In addition, there shall be annual evaluation of the procurement management system. 
  4. Accountable. All procurement transactions shall have systematic information on the whole execution process for the purpose of reference and future audits.