The scope of ITM business includes coal mining operations, processing and logistics in Indonesia. The company owns the majority of shares in fourteen subsidiaries and operates seven mining concessions in the island of Kalimantan, covering East, Central and South Kalimantan. More information on mine site location could be found here.

ITM has an integrated logistics approach, where the Company owns and controls key logistics facilities including mining roads, crushing facilities, hauling road, coal blending facilities, a conveyor belt (4 km over land and 2 km over sea), and other supporting facilities. ITM also owns and operates Bontang Coal Terminal, three loading ports and Bontang Power Plant.

ITM produces coal with calorific values ranged from 4,300 until 6,300 cal/g (arb). Having different range of calorific values make ITM able to provide specific product to the customer with our advance blending system and facilities.

In addition, ITM conducts the coal trading with the main activity of selling the coal sourced from its own produced coal. ITM coal is used both domestically and internationally as it is shipped to various types of domestic and international customers, such as customers from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and others.