29 Jul 2022

A Small Step to Protect Earth

Mining operations to generate energy resources can go hand in hand with nature conservation efforts. It is] one of the principles adopted by ITM in running its business. The realization of this principle does not always come in large-scale events. Like the one organized by the committee for the celebration of World Environment Day at ITM; inviting dozens of ITM Jakarta employees to be closer to nature by seeing the waste problem firsthand.

On July 20, 2022, the ITM Environment Week (PLI) Committee in collaboration with Ciliwung Depok Community (CD Community) held an Environment Day commemoration event with the mission of increasing the awareness of ITM Jakarta employees on the importance of managing waste for the preservation of the earth.

Held at the CD Community’s base, which is located right on the banks of the Ciliwung river, Depok, PLI featured various activities including sharing sessions with the CD Community about garbage and rivers, walking along rivers, collecting garbage, practicing eco brick making and the inauguration of Pojok Literasi Sampah.

When welcoming ITM Employees, Sahroel Polontalo, CD Community Coordinator, said “Cleaningday and the activities that will be carried out today are not the solutions to the earth preservation issues, but being close to nature and understanding the existing problems will change our mindset and behavior. This is a small step that, if taken together, will have a massive impact on the earth.”

Not only giving out new experiences and perspectives on nature to the ITM Jakarta family, but the PLI Committee also built a Pojok Literasi Sampah (waste literacy corner) which is dedicated to raising awareness of the people who visit the CD Community secretariat. ITM's Pojok Literasi Sampah summarizes information about the situation and the tangible impact of plastic waste on the environment as well as simple ways to manage waste, especially one that is difficult to naturally decompose.

Learn How to Reduce Earth's Burden

As Pak Sahroel said, the takeaways that participants are expected to take home are aware of the impact of waste on the environment and knowledge of reducing plastic on earth that can be done independently.

During the event, the PLI Committee and the CD Community provided training on making eco-bricks, that is converting plastic waste into valuable materials. In principle, the use of plastic waste in eco-bricks is one way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in nature. As Mr. Sahroel emphasized, no plastic in nature.

From clean and dry plastic waste, we can make eco-bricks by putting waste into plastic bottles as a basic container until it is solid. A very simple way to reduce the earth's burden on waste. Furthermore, eco-bricks as a final product can be a substitute for bricks when building houses and wood for making benches or tables. Even according to Mr. Sahroel, currently, the use of ecobricks is not limited to the presence of various innovations and creativity. It really can be a simple way to preserve the earth as "the only one earth."