17 Dec 2022

ITM ERT’s Quick Response to The Call for Humanitarian Aid from Cianjur

An earthquake of 5.6 SR that hit Cianjur Regency on Monday, November 21, 2022, claimed hundreds of lives and huge material losses. The latest data from the Government of Cianjur shows that the earthquake that occurred due to the activity of the Cugenang Fault claimed around 600 lives and resulted in 114,683 people losing their homes and having to live in temporary evacuation shelters (source: Katadata.com).

The earthquake that was felt in the Jakarta area immediately became a national concern, including for ITM Management. Shortly after the earthquake occurred, ITM's Emergency Response Team (ERT) was activated and then moved quickly to coordinate and gather information to prepare the most appropriate responses.

With careful calculations, the ITM ERT prepared various assistance to support the emergency response operations of Tim Siaga Bencana of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) on 24 November. Strengthening the ITM ERT team was then carried out by deploying additional personnel, a combination of ITM's subsidiaries, namely PT Indominco Mandiri (IMM), PT Trubaindo Coal Mining (TCM), and PT Bharinto Ekatama (BEK). In total, ITM Group deployed 13 personnel with emergency skills to support humanitarian operations in Cianjur.

The ITM ERT team for Cianjur was divided into three functions: logistics, paramedics, and rescue teams that focused on supporting evacuation efforts, treating victims, building health posts, and distributing logistics and medicines.

"The damage caused by the earthquake in Cianjur complicates the process of evacuating and treating the injured victims. ITM’s ERT team coordinates with related parties and carefully analyzes the situation to determine the support to be provided. Based on the communication and assessment of the situation, the ERT team decided to prepare fast food, medicine, as well as evacuation tents, and emergency health posts. In addition, the ITM ERT team also supports the search, evacuation, and treatment of injured victims, and the distribution of aid to victims under the coordination of the Tim Siaga Bencana ESDM," said FX Firman Messias, ERT Team Leader for Cianjur.

In addition to being involved and supporting the emergency operation, the ERT team also supports the recovery process for communities and public facilities by mapping out the affected public facilities, helping to heal traumatized children in Padaluyu Village, Subdistrict Cugenang, as well as providing clean water facilities.***